Worcesteria: to Puerto Rico!, the Wheelie Kids, second platform

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Worcester Magazine

"CROSSWALK CARDS: District 1 City Council candidate Ed Moynihan has thrown another interesting idea out into the ether as the race between him and Sean Rose remains an interesting (perhaps the interesting) race to follow in these last few weeks. As part of the city’s push for Complete Streets policies, he proposed a program from Singapore called Green Man+, in which swipe cards are provided to the elderly and disabled. The cards, when swiped at intersections, would give them additional time to cross the crosswalk, as much as 13 seconds. The benefits of the program are twofold, he said in a letter to the city manager sent this week. Those who need it have more time to cross the street, and, because they’re taken care of, the city could shorten the standard cycle for crossing, thus improving traffic flow. Obviously, the program would come up against all sorts of regulations, bureaucratic red tape and unknown costs. Moynihan suggested a trial run at limited intersections like Highland Street and Park Ave., and Lincoln Street and Country Club Boulevard."