PRESS RELEASE: Candidate qualifies for ballot and calls for City to update Master Plan

Thursday, May 4, 2017
Moynihan for Worcester

On May 3, 2017 Edward L Moynihan passed in the required number of signatures to qualify for the ballot in 2017 as a candidate for City Council from District 1. “I am grateful to those who signed my nomination papers to give me the opportunity to become the next voice for the district and the city.”

Moynihan will focus his candidacy and time on the council on a positive discussion of issues that are important to residents of the district and city. Many of the residents in the city find themselves in the same state that he is - they are parents of job seeking millenials and actively involved care-takers of retiring baby boomers. He says he will work with everyone in Worcester to grow a city that can provide for the needs and wants of job seeking millenials and retiring baby-boomers. “We need a city that provides a place that businesses can call home to provide jobs for our children. We also need to provide liveable, walkable neighborhoods that are clean and safe for our children and their children as well as our parents and our grandparents.”  

As a first step, Moynihan called for the city to update its 1987 Master Plan. “A city needs to a plan to move itself forward with a comprehensive, community driven vision of where residents want the city to be in the next 20 years. Thirty years ago, the city put forth a strategic plan. It is time to bring the collective energy of the city together to develop a framework for future success. The city of Worcester has had three master plans - 1924, 1964 and 1987. The time is now to engage the entire community in a dialogue that will propel us into a new era of growth and opportunity. ”

Moynihan calls upon the city to take advantage of new technologies and new techniques of social engagement to bring the community into conversations about how to help the city of Worcester reach its maximum potential.

A master plan helps the city in three ways:

1. The finished product becomes a way to market the city to entrepreneurs, businesses and families that might be looking to locate in the city. The Master Plan lays out the goals of the City in terms of economic opportunities, recreational plans, cultural amenities, and educational attainment. It provides decision makers and job creators a clear sense of where the city is heading. It also gives employers a way to attract and retain employees for their businesses.

2. The creation of a plan itself leads to renewed conversation about what Worcester is. It actively solicits the input of every community about what they want Worcester to be. The conversation involves all stakeholders in the city to create a common vision and a path that charts that vision. This process will unleash the creative energies that will improve the business, cultural, recreational and educational climate to the benefit of all residents.

3. This process of developing a master plan will aid in community building. A well done master plan will showcase the strength of a diverse, multicultural community with each contributing to the overall vision of what the city of Worcester can be.  

“A comprehensive, updated, professionally developed master plan sends a clear, strong message that Worcester is ready to commit to providing a bright future for all of our residents and stakeholders. It is a road map to the future that can be used to market this great city to employers and employees. It gives us a community driven vision of a shared future to attract millenials and baby boomers alike. Under our current leadership, Worcester has started to make great strides in this direction. We must continue on this path. I pledge to advocate for this vital progress that will benefit everyone in Worcester.”

For more information, Ed Moynihan can be reached at 774-696-1030