PRESS RELEASE: District 1 Councilor Tony Economou Endorses Ed Moynihan

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Moynihan for Worcester

In a statement today, Tony Economou, who currently holds the City Council seat representing District 1, endorsed candidate Ed Moynihan to be his successor. “Ed has a similar vision and passion that I have in that our parks are the nucleus of our neighborhoods and small business is the back bone of our economy. I am proud to support Ed here in District 1.”

Ed Moynihan thanked Mr. Economou for his service to the district, “I am honored to receive this endorsement. Tony has a proven record of constituent service and effective leadership to enhance the quality of life in the district and the city. Time after time as I have knocked on doors in the District, people have shared their appreciation of Tony’s hard work. I will strive to reach the same level of dedication to the residents of District 1.”

In addition, the two agree on fostering a welcoming environment for small, locally connected businesses. Economou stated, “The vision of creating a small business review team, something I brought before the City Council a few months ago and something Ed wishes to champion going forward, shows his dedication to improving the climate and creating an easier way of doing business here in the City.”

Mr. Moynihan agrees with the need to address the business climate in the city. “Small businesses are the backbone of our community. They provide jobs to local residents and donate time and resources to local causes. Since 1984, we have seen an erosion of our business tax base by one third. This has forced a greater share of the tax burden on our residential property owners. In addition to providing relief in the form of the tax rate, I would call on the city to provide small business owners with dedicated staff in the city manager’s office to help them meet regulatory requirements.”

Mr. Economou also said that he and Mr. Moynihan share a passion for improving the parks in the district, saying that Mr. Moynihan would build on his predecessor’s accomplishments in bringing beauty and nature into our community: “By the time I leave office, every park in District 1 will either have been updated, in the works of being updated or has a master plan in place. Work needs to continue around the parks and waterways in and around Indian Lake, the Park at Indian Hill and the master plan for Roberto Clemente Park.  Ed is on point to carry those initiatives forward.”

Mr. Moynihan thanked Mr. Economou for his prodigious works to improve the parks in District 1, noting that the work needs to be finished. “Tony has accomplished an amazing amount of work in 6 short years. I will finish the work that Tony has started in the parks around Indian Lake and Roberto Clemente Park. I will also honor the commitment to see a dog park and a spray park in the District. In addition, I would advocate for the inclusion of public works of art in the park. Public art increases the aesthetic appeal of parks and promotes community engagement.”

Both men agree that Worcester’s strength lies in strong neighborhoods, and Mr. Economou noted that Ed is a passionate advocate for strengthening the neighborhoods of District 1, “As you can see here in this press release, Ed hears what the people are asking for and his advocacy will see them through to fruition. I’m sure of that.”

Mr. Moynihan said, “Tony has been a tireless advocate for Worcester and its strong vibrant neighborhoods. One of the reasons that I asked to be on the Community Development Advisory Committee involved strengthening Worcester’s neighborhoods. Our strongest asset in Worcester is our livable, walkable neighborhoods. I look forward to working with the administration and like-minded Councilors to enhance these invaluable assets. With Tony’s endorsement, I am confident that I can be that effective voice on the next City Council.”  

The preliminary election is September 12, 2017 in District 1. Polls will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM.

Contact: Ed Moynihan at 774-696-1030 or Tony Economou at 508-868-2759