Editorial: Finally, City Council Candidates Bring Out the Best in Worcester

Monday, September 11, 2017
This Week In Worcester

"In each interview we did at TWIW with all of the candidates — the kind words, the respect shown for their political opponents, and the demeanor they presented themselves with was a nice change of pace in comparison to our national elections and the perceived animosity between At-Large Councilors in previous local elections.

District 1 City Council candidate Ed Moynihan put it best. “As a district councilor, your job is to respond to the constituents. Not look at what political party they’re affiliated with before deciding whether to respond or not. Potholes and sidewalks aren’t affiliated with any party,” Moynihan said in an interview last week.

He continued, “Your constituents will have problems in their neighborhood, with their roads, and in a number of other ways. You pick up the phone, you respond to an email, you meet with them — whatever it takes to fix the problem they have.”

Moynihan wants to see the city hit the refresh button on Worcester’s master plan for revitalization, community involvement, and parks and neighborhood upgrades.

District 1 Candidates clockwise from L to R: Ed Moynihan, Sean Rose, Gerardo Schiano, Bill Coleman

“When it comes right down it, the bottom line for Worcester is the quality of the neighborhoods you live in. And that’s what as a district councilor you really have to focus on,” Moynihan said.

It’s refreshing to see a candidate understand the job at hand and — although we can’t ever be sure — not use the position as a rung on their own ladder to more political achievements."