• Work with all communities to invest in strategies that attract millennials and baby boomers to the city
  • Update the 1987 Master Plan to Market our City and to give us a guide to development
  • Work to maintain clean, safe, and walkable neighborhoods
  • Advocate for best practices in all areas of municipal administration especially in areas of Law Enforcement and Public Works

We need to insure Worcester’s future by building on our strengths

  • Grow and maintain vibrant neighborhoods
  • Provide quality education
  • Maintain safe and clean streets
  • Attract businesses to invest in our city

I have a proven track record of putting my reputation on the line to stand and fight for my family, my business and our city. For 17 plus years I have volunteered to provide Worcester’s youth with structured and safe environments to thrive on our baseball diamonds, soccer fields and basketball courts. I have served as Chair of the Community Development Advisory Committee for four years to help our neighborhoods rebuild and provide support to our most vulnerable residents. I led the fight to stop a business killing slot parlor from Kelley Square.

Today, I am ready to serve you as a City Councilor. I want Worcester to be a place where our parents can live close to us and where our children can reside and thrive with their children. I humbly ask for your vote.

There is a Better Worcester in All of Us.